GF Elevator

Our Vision is to lead The Elevator Manufacturing Industry by Innovation and Commitment To Deliver.
Green Field Control System (I) Pvt Ltd Head Quarter Outer View

Our Work

  • Manufacturing Core Components for Automatic Elevator Doors, in terms of Landing Headers, Car Headers

  • Green Field Tailor-Made Automatic Door Operation Controller which fuels incomparable stunning mechanism in terms of control cards (drives), motors and SMPS

Our Mission

  • Fuel Entrepreneurship in the Field of Mechanical Engineering While Maximizing Customer Value Proposition by Initiation i.e. Green Field Dedicated Research and Development(R & D), Smart Software Technology Integrated Products(IOT - Internet Of Things)

  • Push Challenging Thoughts At Work To Establish Sustainable Growth To Customers By Innovation i.e. Participation & Implementation in the Campaigns like Renewal Energy, Make In India

  • Introducing Tools and Automation In Business Workflow To Increase Overall Manufacturing Productivity Throughput , Supplying Capacity And Punctuality Of Supply Distribution / Delivery Network i.e. CNC Laser-Cutting, CNC Bending Machine, CNC Shearing Machine, Argon Welding